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MIN-AD use in feedlots has been the subject of numerous research experiments over four decades. Results from these experiments indicate that MIN-AD is an effective buffer under many different ration combinations, and has a cost benefit ratio of 13:1 to 30:1. Feedlot Economics. These benefits are realized as the direct and indirect actions of the following:

  • Decreased Cost of Gain – MIN-AD increases average daily gain and improves feed conversion when fed in combination with steam flaked corn and mixed grain rations.

  • Acidosis Management – MIN-AD has 75% more acid-consuming capacity than sodium bicarbonate. MIN-AD is acid-soluble, making it available when rumen pH drops for several hours post-feeding, thereby improving acidosis management.

  • Increased Microbial Efficiency – Research data shows that MIN-AD has a tendency to increase rumen microbial efficiency by about 10% in both dairy and beef applications.

  • Added MineralsAn effective source of calcium and magnesium, MIN-AD can serve as the sole source of supplemental magnesium in feedlot applications.

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