Mineral Availability

Dairy Features & Benefits

Replace part or all of your sodium bicarbonate or sesquicarbonate buffer with the equivalent quantity of MIN-AD and realize the following benefits:


  • Improved Milk Production - In two transition cow trials, a MIN-AD plus sodium bicarbonate buffer outperformed straight sodium bicarbonate. Complete replacement by MIN-AD gives similar production and components.

  • Acidosis Management - MIN-AD has 75% more acid-consuming capacity than sodium bicarbonate. MIN-AD is acid-soluble, making it available when rumen pH drops for several hours post-feeding, thereby improving acidosis management. Post rumen buffering has been demonstrated by measurably higher fecal pH levels.

  • Increased Microbial Efficiency - Research has shown that a MIN-AD plus sodium bicarbonate combination increases rumen microbial efficiency by about 10% compared to the typical MgO plus sodium bicarbonate buffer pack.

  • Added Minerals - Several trials that have measured Mg and Ca serum levels have shown MIN-AD to be an effective source of Ca and Mg. Therefore, you can reduce the amount of your supplement by 2-3 oz. when it is used to partially replace sodium-based buffers.
MIN-AD is a registered trademark of MIN-AD Inc.