Mineral Availability


PI-7 (2011) The Effect of MIN-AD Particle Size on Mg Bioavailability
This bulletin summarizes a research trial evaluating the impact of particle size of MIN-AD on serum Mg levels in dairy cows.  MIN-AD’s Fine, Standard, and Granular products were used in the study.  As expected, there was a trend for the smaller particle size products to produce higher serum Mg levels, but the differences were not statistically significant.

PI-8 (2011) Effect of Palatability on Free-Choice Mineral Intake of High Magnesium Minerals Made With Either Magnesium Oxide or or MIN-AD by Beef Cows
This bulletin summarizes two years of research evaluating the intake of free-choice minerals by beef cows with either MgO or MIN-AD as the major source of Mg. In both years, intake of the mineral using MIN-AD as the primary source of Mg was considerably higher than the mineral with MgO as the source of Mg. In addition, intake of the high Mg mineral (10% Mg) with MIN-AD as the primary source of Mg was slightly higher than a low Mg (1.9% Mg) mineral with MgO as the source of Mg.

B-5 Economics of Feeding MIN-AD to Finishing Cattle
A summary of nine trials evaluating the impact of MIN-AD on finishing cattle performance has shown an average increase in dry matter intake of 0.55%, an increase in average daily gain of 2.06%, and a reduction in feed to gain of 1.65%. This response has been very consistent in these trials. Furthermore, an analysis of typical finishing supplements indicates that adding MIN-AD at the recommended rate increases the cost of the supplement from $2.00 to $5.00 per ton. Consequently, feeding MIN-AD increases the total feed cost in a typical finishing program from $0.15 to $0.38 per head. With current ration costs, the return on investment will be 13 to 1 even if adding MIN-AD increases supplement cost by $5.00 per ton. Because the cost of feeding MIN-AD for the entire feeding period is so low, even a small improvement in gain or feed conversion will result in a very significant return on the additional investment.


AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification (08/05) - MIN-AD, Inc. is pleased that our Winnemucca, Nevada production facility has been certified under the American Feed Industry Association's Safe Feed/Safe Food program. This certification was a natural part of MIN-AD's ongoing commitment to the livestock feed industry and to feed safety.  Additional information about this program can be found on the AFIA website.

Organic Listing – Since 2003 MIN-AD  has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in the production of organic food and fiber. The OMRI listing class is Livestock Feed Additive.

MIN-AD is a registered trademark of MIN-AD Inc.