1001 Gruesome Facts by Helen Otway PDF

By Helen Otway

ISBN-10: 0572033958

ISBN-13: 9780572033958

Caricature duo make analyzing a voyage via gruesomeness - extra attention-grabbing than the common reference book.*Gruesome proof are renowned on radio, television and in ebook format.*Appeals to folks because it encourages little ones to widen their reading.*Children will take pleasure in telling family and friends approximately their interpreting.

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Qxd 12/6/07 9:37 am Page 40 40 1001 Gruesome Facts Napoleon’s starving troops were told to eat the flesh of horses that had died on the battlefield. They used a sprinkling of gunpowder as seasoning! A ripe jackfruit smells of rotten onions. Entomophagy is the habit of eating insects – over 1,200 species of insects are gobbled down all over the world. Animal fat from cooking meat is a common cause of sewer blockages. Thames Water flushers in central London once had to clear a solid lump of fat blocking 45 metres (150 feet) of sewer.

An older person whose hair is a mixture of colour and grey would then be left with only grey hairs, appearing to turn white overnight. qxd 11/6/07 5:13 pm Page 32 32 1001 Gruesome Facts Indian man Dharmendra Singh can make cigarette smoke come out of his ears. He can whistle through his nose too! The ring had to be sawn off so that it could be passed to the heir to the throne, James VI of Scotland. Sufferers of blackwater fever pass black urine, hence the name. Brain diseases known as spongiform encephalopathies cause the brain to become riddled with holes.

Toxic mushrooms such as the pure white Destroying Angel contain poison that destroys the liver and kidneys. A British farmer added carrots to his cows’ diet, but their milk turned pink! He solved the problem by importing white carrots from France. Gruesome Food Facts A 330-year-old cookery book found stored in a trunk in Derby, England, contained a section entitled ‘A la mode ways of dressing the head of any beast’. It also gave recipes for marinated conger eel and hare mince pies. qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 58 58 1001 Gruesome Facts Natural sausage casings are made from animal intestines.

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