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They use their wings. They swim to catch fish, squid, and krill to eat. 5 Penguins are mostly black and white. These colors protect them from sea lions, orcas, and others animals 7 that eat penguins.

How are they alike? People are mammals, 1 too! 7 What is a Mammal? Teacher Tam 2014 Version B Mammals have lungs. They breathe air. Mammals also only get two sets of teeth in their lifetime. They have better hearing than other animals. 6 Mammals all have hair or fur. A porcupine has quills and a polar bear has fur. Even whales and dolphins have hair. All mammals 2 also have a backbone. X Almost all baby mammals are born alive. The platypus and the spiny anteater lay eggs. Kangaroo and koala babies are born alive, but they finish growing in a pouch.

3 The tree grows for a few years, getting bigger and bigger. One spring, it grows a lot of flowers. 5 Apple trees grow from very small seeds. The seed has a hard seed coat to protect the plant inside. 1 In the fall, the apples begin to get ripe. Some apples will stay mostly green, while others ripen to yellow or a bright red. We will eat them and find seeds inside! 7 The Five Senses Sight is one of the five senses. I use my eyes to see. Teacher Tam 2014 Version A Touch is one of the five senses.

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