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49. Shahrani, “The Taliban Enigma,” 20–21. 50. Rashid, Taliban, 61–63. 51. Rashid, Taliban, 63–64. 52. Rashid, Taliban, 73. 53. Rashid, Taliban, 74. 54. , Afghanistan, 104. 55. , Afghanistan, 106–108. 56. , Afghanistan, 108. 57. , Afghanistan, 108. 58. , Afghanistan, 108–109. 59. , Afghanistan, 108–109. 60. , Afghanistan, 109; see also Rashid, Taliban, 113. 61. Rashid, Taliban, 2–5. 62. Rashid, Taliban, 176–177. 26 Chapter 2 The American Response to Terror: Planning Operation ENDURING FREEDOM In the days that followed the attacks on 11 September 2001, it became clear that the United States (US) Government intended to take swift and decisive action.

American Soldiers who arrived in 2001 and early 2002 would quickly discover that the country they had entered was exceedingly complex. To achieve any amount of long-term success, these Soldiers would have to deal not only with harsh physical terrain but also with a society that was quite different from their own. 24 Chapter 1 Notes 1. Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Hilferty, interview by Contemporary Operations Study Team, Combat Studies Institute, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 12 December 2006, 2. 2. Dr. Robert F.

Disrupting terrorist financial networks became a vitally important part of the overall campaign. On 23 September, just 12 days after the attacks, Bush signed Executive Order 13224 authorizing the US Government to block the assets of foreign individuals and entities that committed or posed a serious risk of committing acts of terrorism. 12 In addition to the Executive order, the United States and its allies worked to deny terrorist access to the international financial system and to prevent the movement of assets through alternative financial networks.

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