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Plymouth, July 1801: Richard Bolitho's small squadron, nonetheless repairing the scars of conflict earned in heavy motion at Copenhagen, has been months clear of the ocean. After 8 years of warfare with France, Britain needs to make a gesture that may convey energy and determination—and one that will dramatically weaken the French reason. Rear-Admiral Bolitho needs to persist with his flag's culture of victory, even though—for the 1st time in his life—he is torn among the calls for of public responsibility and private need.

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Bolitho exclaimed, “Adam! ” Lieutenant Adam Pascoe, looking even younger than his twenty-one years, was both relieved and pleased. “I—I am sorry, Unc—” he flushed, “sir, I had no way of letting you know. ” They examined each other, more like brothers than uncle and nephew. ” Bolitho moved on and shook hands with the second and third lieutenants, the sailing-master, ship’s surgeon, and the captain of marines. Beyond them, the midshipmen and other warrant officers were backed by crowds of curious seamen, who were too surprised at this unexpected visit on their first commission to be aware of the more personal emotions by the entry port.

The Styx’s stern cabin looked snug and pleased with itself in the glow of the deckhead lanterns, and although the A TRADI T ION OF V ICTORY 53 hull groaned and shuddered around them, Bolitho knew that the sea was calmer, that true to the sailing-master’s prediction the wind had backed to the north-west. He looked around the small group, and although it was black beyond the stern windows he could picture the other two frigates following in line astern while their captains awaited his pleasure. Only Rapid ’s young commander was absent, prowling somewhere to the north-east in readiness to dash down and alert his consorts if the French attempted a breakout under cover of darkness.

A TRADI T ION OF V ICTORY 63 It was like seeing a cloud part across a clear sky as Neale stared at him with amazement and admiration. ” Bolitho watched the disorganized bunches of seamen being rounded up and set to the braces and halliards, once more. ” As Neale hurried to pass his orders to his lieutenants, Bolitho turned and looked at Allday. ” Allday wiped his mouth with the back of his fist. ” “Deck there! Land ahead! ” Bolitho tried to conceal his rising excitement as officers and master’s mates jostled each other at the quarterdeck rail to train their telescopes.

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