Download e-book for iPad: Advice for a Young Investigator by Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Neely Swanson, Larry W. Swanson

By Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Neely Swanson, Larry W. Swanson

ISBN-10: 0262181916

ISBN-13: 9780262181914

Santiago Ramon y Cajal was once a mythic determine in technological know-how. Hailed because the father of contemporary anatomy and neurobiology, he used to be principally answerable for the fashionable belief of the mind. His groundbreaking works have been New principles at the constitution of the frightened approach and Histology of the apprehensive approach in guy and Vertebrates . as well as leaving a legacy of extraordinary clinical study, Cajal sought to coach the amateur scientist approximately how technological know-how used to be performed and the way he concept it may be performed. This lately rediscovered vintage, first released in 1897, is an anecdotal consultant for the confused new investigator in addition to a fresh source for the outdated seasoned. Cajal was once a pragmatist, conscious of the pitfalls of being too idealistic--and he had a feeling of humor, fairly obvious in his diagnoses of assorted stereotypes of eccentric scientists. The ebook covers every little thing from beneficial character characteristics for an investigator to social elements conducive to medical paintings.

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However, it is also expressed by worthy young men reºecting on the ªrst pangs of dismay experienced when undertaking some major project. This superªcial concept of science must be eradicated by the young investigator who does not wish to fail, hopelessly overcome by the struggle developing in his mind between the utilitarian suggestions that are part and parcel of his ethical environment (which may soon convert him to an ordinary and ªnancially successful general practitioner), and those nobler impulses of duty and loyalty urging him on to achievement and honor.

Not everyone is destined to venture into the forest and by sheer determination carve out a serviceable road. However, even the most humble among us can take advantage of the path opened by genius and by traveling along it extract one or another secret from the unknown. If the beginner is willing to accept the role of gathering details that escaped the wise discoverer, he can be assured that those searching for minutiae eventually acquire an analytical sense so discriminating, and powers of observation so keen, that they are able to solve important problems successfully.

2. Ostwald corroborates this view in a recent book, noting that almost all the great discoveries have been the work of youth. Newton, Davy, Faraday, Hertz, and Mayer are good examples. 3. The brilliant series of discoveries in electricity that followed Volta’s development of the voltaic pile at the beginning of the last century, the Pleiades of histological work inspired by Schwann’s discovery of cell multiplication, and the profound repercussions that the not so distant ªnding of roentgen rays have produced in all areas of physics (the observation of radioactivity, and the discovery of radium and polonium and of the phenomenon of emanation) are good examples of that creative and, in a sense, automatic virtue possessed by all great discoveries, which seem to grow and multiply like seeds cast by chance on fertile soil.

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