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ISBN-10: 1456316028

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The tip of the area is simply the start. Zombies are at the unfastened and the realm is falling aside. within the culture of apocalyptic novels reminiscent of Stephen King's THE STAND, a bunch of strangers on a new york subway are introduced jointly within the identify of survival. the gang follows the lead of Ari Brenner, a tender guy who doesn't realize his personal management traits and believes they persist with him just because he wears a military uniform. Lila Teske, a school scholar learning philosophy, reveals her non-violent ideals confirmed within the crucible of a zombie assault. There are different participants of the various workforce, however the concentration of the tale is on Ari and Lila, teens who know about sacrifice and internal power throughout the ordeal. With the city's infrastructure down and conversation with the skin international curtailed the survivors head towards the closest marina. once they meet a lab tech who could have an answer to the virus, they understand his defense is paramount and it's extra vital than ever that they get off the island. yet zombies aren't the single risk that impedes them on their perilous trip.

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Uh, there's nobody to take your money. " "Oh, of course. " Her blue eyes were wide and dilated. Didn't that mean a person was in shock? Well, hell, they all were. He searched behind the counter, trying to ignore the bits of clerk stuck to everything. It wasn't like he expected to find a gun or bat, this wasn't the kind of convenience store like in his neighborhood, but there was nothing useful for self defense. However, there was a display of flashlights near the register. Ari stepped over a shred of polo shirt with a name tag attached—Maria—and hefted one in his hand.

Ari pulled his own phone from his pants pocket and tried to reach his mom, but got her voice mail. Calls to his friends yielded the same results. He felt sick as he imagined why they might not be answering their phones. Now what? He tried to imagine what his drill sergeant, Vogt would command. Climb a wall, do a few sets of pushups. Nothing in the book about responding to a full scale zombie attack. " Derrick moved past Ari to take a turn looking at the carnage outside their foxhole. He pulled back, pale as a corpse, hugging his skinny arms around his body.

All she could do was hold her breath, which would ultimately force her to draw in a deeper lungful of the sickly odor if they didn't get past it fast. "Shine the light. " Ann Hanson's voice was panicked, as on edge as Lila felt. " The tall, older man's voice sounded distant and Lila guessed he was at the end of the line. Ari paused and flicked on the lighter. Its tiny glow was as bright as a flaming torch in the darkness. Lila blinked as her eyes adjusted, then focused on the dirty, damp cement floor.

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