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By Naomi Pasachoff

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Examines the character in addition to the concept tactics which led this inventor to his discoveries that have helped our figuring out of the flora and fauna.

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The best I could do was to take the blankets off our beds and arrange them in a loose tunnel on the floor, with the telephone tied up in one end and a barrel hoop in the other end to facilitate my access to the mouthpiece. 58 "Onward Irresistibly in the Direction of the Telephone' Much to Watson's relief, Bell found the long-distance connection inadequate, sparing his partner the discomfort of performing for a whole evening in a blanket shroud. But Watson's pride in his impromptu invention matched his relief: "My soundproof booth was a perfect success, as far as muffling the noise was concerned, for I found by inquiry next day that no one in the house had heard the row I made.

One of Bell's breakthroughs in developing the telephone came when he compared the movement of the eardrum membrane on the bones of the ear to the movement of a heavy telephone membrane on a piece of magnetized steel. Bell translated his understanding of the human ear into the telephone. A telephone transmitter acts just like an electrical ear, sending the speaker's words as electrical impulses. Unlike the ear, however, these electrical impulses are sent not over nerves but through wires. A telephone receiver acts like an electrical mouth.

Bell's deep understanding of these phenomena enabled him to develop the first "electric speaking telephone," as it was then called, even though his understanding of electricity was not as deep as that of some of his rivals. Bell understood that sound is produced by vibrating objects and that it travels in waves. He knew that sound waves travel through air or another substance in the same way that energy moves through the coils of a spring when a section of the spring is compressed and released.

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