Allegiant (Divergent, Book 3) by Veronica Roth PDF

By Veronica Roth

ISBN-10: 0062209272

ISBN-13: 9780062209276

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With this trilogy topper, the destiny of Tris earlier, Caleb, Marcus, and the others ultimately develop into totally obvious. The sequence that all started with Divergent and rebel involves its ripe end. (P.S. This Barnes & Noble particular version comprises pages from a key character's magazine that don't look within the book.)

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The torn corpse was barely recognizable as human. Cole glanced up at the skyline of San Francisco, expecting it to buckle and collapse. The city stood as stolidly as ever. So mourning was silly. Cole looked at the reflecting red-velvet pool of blood hastily stretching its wet fingers to the curb. The two sedans were just turning the corner. Cole knew then, seeing the purposeful flowing of City’s blood toward the street, that the vigilantes would never make it. 57 Catz knew it too and she laughed out loud.

He took off his apron and tossed it on the floor. He was done with it for the night. A cocktail waitress spoke to City. ” City nodded and followed her through the forest of plasheen coats and convictskin leggings, toward table five where sat a blank-faced group of voguers waiting, hoping desperately for a laugh. They were dressed in translucent woven-plastic suits with hems tricked out in soft blue and red neon. City was forty feet from the four voguers; as Cole watched, City was momentarily lost in the crowd.

The sedan pointing toward City backed into the street all the way to the opposite curb, jounced on its shocks, spun its wheels and surged forward. It struck City head-on. The car bucked and bounced back, engine whining. City was standing. But he shook his head as if to clear it. Blood flowed from beneath his pant-cuffs onto his shoes, and from the corner of his open mouth. The ululating siren took on a gurgling undertone but did not falter. The prostitutes took advantage of the vigilantes’ distraction.

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