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Do not redistribute! 1999-12-01 22:15 Chapter 12. The Canvas Widget Option Type Description Chapter 13. The Canvas Arc Item scrollbars, a one pixel border covers items drawn at canvas coordinate (0, 0). insertbackground color Color used for the insertion cursor. An arc item is a section of oval, delimited by two angles (start and extent). An arc item can be drawn in one of three ways: insertborderwidth distance Borderwidth for the insertion cursor. • pieslice (lines are drawn from the perimeter to the oval's center) insertofftime, insertontime time Controls cursor blinking.

Change the options for one or more rectangle items. Options The rectangle item supports the following options, via the create_rectangle method, and the itemconfig and itemcget configuration methods. Table 19-1. Canvas Rectangle Options Option Type Description fill None The color to use for the rectangle interior. If an empty string is given, the interior is not drawn. Default is empty (transparent). outline None The color to use for the outline. If an empty string is given, the outline is not drawn.

Id Create a bitmap item placed relative to the given position. create_bitmap(100, 100, bitmap="info", foreground="gold") You can use either a builtin bitmap, such as “hourglass”, “info”, “question”, or “warning”, or load a bitmap from an XBM file. delete(item) Figure 14-1. Bitmap Example coords(item, x0, y0) Delete a bitmap item. Move one or more bitmap items. ) Change the options for one or more bitmap items. Options The bitmap item supports the following options, via the create_bitmap method, and the itemconfig and itemcget configuration methods.

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