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By LA Weatherly

ISBN-10: 1409521966

ISBN-13: 9781409521969

Willow is aware she's diversified from different ladies. and never simply because she loves tinkering round with autos. Willow has a present. she will check out people's futures, understand their goals, their hopes and their regrets, simply by touching them. She has no proposal the place she will get this strength from - yet Alex does. lovely, mysterious Alex is familiar with Willow's mystery and is on a challenge to forestall her. The darkish forces inside Willow make her harmful - and impossible to resist. regardless of himself, Alex unearths he's falling in love along with his sworn enemy.

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Cheerleading? Prom committee? ” “Wil ow, this isn’t funny,” moaned Nina. ” “So? ” Nina stared at me. There was a beat, and then I realized what I’d said and started laughing. “Oh. ” She huffed out a breath, looking like she couldn’t decide whether to throttle me or join in laughing. “Look, I know you don’t care, but most people already think you’re Queen Weird, you know – this is not going to help matters, believe me—” She fel abruptly silent as Beth walked up. “Hi,” said Beth, looking uncertainly from Nina to me.

An aura swam into view around the dark figure: pale silver, with a faint blue light flickering feebly at its edges. Alex quickened his step. The creature hadn’t fed in days – which meant that he must be on the hunt now. Sure enough, the man led him to a bar downtown. Spurs, flashed the sign in front. A yel ow and pink neon figure of a cowgirl wearing shorts and a tiny leather vest flashed on and off, waving her hat. There was the heavy pulse of music, and a chorus of raucous male cheers. Recognizing the sign, Alex shook his head in grudging admiration.

Yeah, they’re real hot,” said the bouncer, looking amused. “Hope you’re not planning on driving, Eddie,” said the other one. ” Eddie made no reply. He wove off down the street, humming tunelessly to himself. One of his stumbling feet caught an empty beer can, and the sound of it echoed through the night. The bouncers glanced at each other and shrugged. Not their problem. Alex straightened as T. Goodman detached himself from the gloom and trailed off after the man, a tal , silent shadow. Pul ing out his rifle, Alex began to track.

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