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By Aldous Huxley

Ape and Essence (1948) is a unique by way of Aldous Huxley, released by way of Chatto & Windus within the united kingdom and Harper & Row within the US. it really is set in a dystopia, just like courageous New international, Huxley's extra well-known paintings. it truly is principally a satire of the increase of large-scale battle and warmongering within the twentieth century, and provides a pessimistic view of the politics of jointly guaranteed destruction.

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His words and, still more, his pious gesture allay Loola's suspicions. Her face clears; she gives him her most charming smile. The dimples in her cheeks come to life like a pair of adorable little creatures fitfully leading a secret and autonomous existence in independence of the rest of Loola's face. Dr. Poole returns her smile, but almost instantly looks away, blushing as he does so to the roots of his hair. NARRATOR Out of the enormity of his respect for his mother, our poor friend here is still, at thirty-eight, a bachelor.

Then why," asks Dr. " "Why do you throw food to a growling tiger? To buy yourself a breathing space. To put off the horror of the inevitable, if only for a few minutes. " "It hardly seems worth while," says Dr. Poole in the philosophical tone of one who has just dined. Another unusually piercing scream makes him turn his head toward the door. He watches for a while in silence. This time, his expression is one in which horror has been considerably mitigated by scientific curiosity. " says the Arch-Vicar genially.

Slowly, reluctantly, the crop-headed women rise to their feet. Their little burdens of deformity pressed against bosoms heavy with milk, they move toward the door in a silence more painfully expressive of misery than any outcry. Medium shot of Polly on her sack of straw. A young Postulant approaches and pulls her roughly to her feet. " he shouts in a voice of an angry and malevolent child. " And he slaps her across the face. Cringing away from a second blow, Polly almost runs to rejoin her fellow victims near the entrance.

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