Mel Odom's Apocalypse Unleashed: The Earth's Last Days: The Battle PDF

By Mel Odom

ISBN-10: 1414316364

ISBN-13: 9781414316369

During this a miles expected end to the Apocalypse sequence, First Sergeant “Goose” Gander of the USA military Rangers is in over his head, and he is familiar with it. Trapped by way of the Rapture within the carnage of heart jap capturing conflict, faraway from his spouse and child again domestic, he is residing on a daily basis at the area, afraid each one second may be his final, terrified that he will by no means see the folk he loves back. The conflict at the Syrian/Turkish border is heating up, and the competition armies and the neighborhood warlords are skirmishing for strength in a no-man's land full of blameless sufferers that Goose hopes to protect.
Goose quickly discovers components inside of his personal forces, afraid of his management, are made up our minds to deliver him down. With all people gunning for him, Goose goes to want a miracle to tug off his challenge. at the same time he struggles to think within the God of miracles, Goose is set to find the ability of redemption and the bulwark of natural religion. and because the Hand of God closes over him and he accepts salvation, Goose Gander will eventually locate the peace he seeks, at the same time the war-torn land round him explodes in violence.

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Hold your fire until I give you the signal. ” Brenner had a death grip on the steering wheel. “Ease up,” Goose said. ” Brenner pushed out his breath and loosened his hands a little. The ride became smoother. ” “Just hold it steady till I tell you to break. Then check your left side and head that way as quickly as you can. ” Brenner nodded. ” The bandit vehicles were running slower than the army Hummers because the cargo trucks’ top speed wasn’t as good as that of the smaller vehicles. Five bandit vehicles harried the convoy on the left side.

Good job,” he said. ” Evidently the bandits had some kind of communications system. The other four vehicles ahead of Goose suddenly split away from the convoy. They ran two by two; someone had obviously trained them. “Up the middle,” Goose directed. ” “They’re going to be firing at us too,” Brenner protested. “If you get through them fast enough, they’ll have less time to react. ” Goose emptied his rifle clip at a pair of the vehicles. Men inside ducked as others returned fire. Bullets chopped through the Hummer’s windows, and broken glass sailed.

The two surviving jeeps veered off and headed away from the convoy. “Looks like they’ve decided to cut their losses and run,” Donner said. “Let them,” Goose said. ” Goose thought of the two dead men lying in the back of the truck and knew there were probably more. Guilt over leaving the convoy weighed on him. “Taking them out isn’t going to bring our dead back,” Goose said. ” He fully expected Remington to chime in with a comment then and was surprised when the captain didn’t. “We stay together and finish this run.

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