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37 For a broader understanding of the role of exegetical argument in early Christian apologetic, cf. Lindars, New Testament Apologetics; Hays, Echoes of Scripture. The Acts of the Apostles 31 This ®rst hearing issues in a warning injunction `not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus' (4: 18), and it is this injunctionÐ and the apostles' refusal to obey itÐwhich forms the basis for subsequent judicial proceedings (5: 28). 38 In refusing to obey the Sanhedrin, Peter implicitly questions its moral authority and lays claim, as so many philosophers had done from Socrates onward, to a higher allegiance: `We must obey God rather than men' (5: 29, cf.

145±55; idem, `Luke's Audience'. The Acts of the Apostles 25 to an inscribed audience (the `you' of the discourse21). As we have noted, these elements can be transmuted in a number of ways in literary apologetic (including the occasional transposition to the more overtly dramatic form of dialogue): but the dominant speech mode (as we would expect in this highly rhetorical world) is argumentative speech. Narrative has a part to play in this discourse, as it does in any forensic speech, in the formal statement of the facts of the case (dieÅgeÅsis/narratio); but the authorial voice of the inscribed speaker will always be there to explain the narrative and drive home the conclusions the audience should draw from it.

Acts is not an apologetic discourse This brings us within sight of one of the crucial problems for the whole enterprise of reading Acts as apologetic. There is, as we have seen, abundant testimony to the popularity of the label `apologetic' among readers of Acts: but equally signi®cant for our purposes is the high level of disagreement as to the precise lineaments of the text's apologetic situation. v. `Apologists'. As Sanders prefers: Jews in Luke±Acts, 305. 19 Cf. 2 Cor. 7: 11 (of the Corinthians), where the RSV translates `eagerness to clear yourselves'.

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