Authority and Sexuality in Early Modern Burgundy (1550-1730) - download pdf or read online

By James R. Farr

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A sociocultural research of the relationships between legislations, faith, and sexual morality in Burgundy in the course of the Catholic Reformation, this publication is split into , interrelated components: the realm of prescription and the realm of perform. the 1st half examines the development of authority, focusing basically upon Burgundy's dominant elite criminal group. the second one a part of the booklet examines the deployment of authority, and its appropriation by means of French women and men. the recent ethical order involved in sexuality and the imposition of this order concerned a criminal contest over the disposition of our bodies, either female and male, be they monks, dating undefined, sufferers of seduction or rape, or prostitutes. James Farr's booklet bargains an strangely fertile method of research the hyperlink among sexuality and illegal activity.

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As Beik has noted for Languedoc, "parlementaires thought of themselves as defenders of provincial liberties and monitors of local life in the name of the king . . "93 Such was also the case in Burgundy. But if this was so, how do we account for Brulart's reinstatement by Louis, and further, by the growing esteem the king had for him? 94 One perhaps too simple answer is that the Parlement of Burgundy was vanquished by the juggernaut of centralist absolutism. 95 Such a reading, however, as both Beik and Hamscher caution us, would badly misinterpret the nature of political culture in the Old Regime.

Dijon had long been a magnet for aspiring provincial families, but its attraction was dramatically enhanced in the sixteenth century because of the plenitude of offices for sale there, from presidencies and above all councillorships in the Parlement or Chambre des Comptes to the office of bailiff (huissier) and simple solicitor (procureur). Venality might have been considered a bane to many (of the complaints drawn up by the members of the Estates General at Blois in 1588, nearly 100 articles from all three estates complained of the useless multiplicity of offices),83 but for families on the make it was certainly a blessing.

45 Stoicism inspired moralistic condemnation of the passions; it also contributed to the formation of the courtier and the doctrine of honnetete. Indeed, as Brulart so clearly illustrates, ideas about disciplining the passions and honnetete—and, indeed, the emergent code of civility—were closely related. 46 Reminiscent of Brulart's harangues on justice, hierarchy, and selfcontrol, this code of civility simultaneously legislated interior and exterior surveillance. It demanded self-restraint of the emotions and scorned uncontrolled passion and unbridled comportment of the body by the individual.

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