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By Vicki Cobb

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The first record players worked the same way as the needle and cup. They were just a lot bigger. Page 36 6 Squawky Walkie-Talkie So far, all the sounds you've made from this book travel through the air. But sound can travel through other things until it reaches the air and your ears. All it needs is molecules to travel through, whether they are air, water, wood, or some other kind of matter. Here are a few examples of devices that make sound travel: Page 37 Page 38 Would you believe that you can send your voice through dental floss?

Bang pots and pans. Gently tap a glass with a spoon. Knock on wood. Pluck a guitar or a piano string or a stretched rubber band. Blow across the open top of a soda bottle. Listen to each sound you make. Is it like a musical note or is it an ordinary The sound waves are traveling through air. Page 5 noise? Is it high or low? Can you match the tone with your voice? Hit something solid like countertop. Hit something hollow like a box. Knock on a wall in several places. Some areas may sound hollow, some may sound solid.

Some areas may sound hollow, some may sound solid. The solid sound comes from places where there is a beam or stud behind the wall. The sound waves are traveling through wood. Page 6 A rubber band can show you what happens when a sound is made. First, hook a rubber band over a doorknob and stretch it tightly. Pluck it to create a sound. Look at it closely as it gives off its twang. Use a magnifying glass if you have one. You can see that the rubber band Page 7 moves back and forth very quickly.

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