Mineral Availability

Products and Benefits

MIN-AD is an economical, efficient, and palatable feed supplement. MIN-AD has been used successfully in dairy and beef feed for many years as a complete tract buffer and as a source of calcium and magnesium.

An effective buffer and mineral source, MIN-AD increases rumen microbial efficiency and maintains the entire digestive tract pH at optimum levels for maximum feed efficiency and production.

A natural mineral compound mined from a unique chemical grade ore deposit, MIN-AD is available in three forms:

  • Standard - MIN-AD Standard is used in dry supplements or buffer packs, either as a loose mix or in pellets.
  • Fine - MIN-AD Fine is an ultra finely ground product that is produced specifically for liquid feed suspension.
  • Granular - MIN-AD Granular is specifically formulated to reduce caking in range-mineral applications.

Backed by 45 years of research and use, MIN-AD can bring many benefits to your operation.

MIN-AD is a registered trademark of MIN-AD Inc.