Quality Control & Assurance

Quality assurance is critical for the feed industry. From special mining techniques that eliminate contamination, to rigorous inspection and cleaning procedures for our carriers, we ensure you receive a quality product. MIN-AD is also certified as being free of dioxins and heavy metals and has been listed by OMRI for use in the production of organic food.

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AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification (08/05) - MIN-AD, Inc. is pleased that our Winnemucca, Nevada production facility has been certified under the American Feed Industry Association's Safe Feed/Safe Food program. This certification was a natural part of MIN-AD's ongoing commitment to the livestock feed industry and to feed safety.  Additional information about this program can be found on the AFIA website.

Organic Listing – Since 2003 MIN-AD  has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in the production of organic food and fiber. The OMRI listing class is Livestock Feed Additive.

CPM Model – MIN-AD has been included in the CPM 3.0 Model commercial data dictionary. The bioavailability values for Ca and Mg are set at 70%.

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