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Tested. Proven. Value.

Since 1967, MIN-AD’s commitment to producing the highest quality mineral additive and advancing ruminant nutrition has been proven time and again in dairies and feedlots across North America. Backed by decades of research, MIN-AD is a palatable, naturally occurring calcium magnesium carbonate supplement that provides nutritional advantages all while reducing costs.

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The Min-Ad Advantage

Assured Quality

Produced exclusively in the United States, MIN-AD is extracted from our high purity deposit in Nevada using specialized mining techniques and is subjected to rigorous quality control measures at our AFIA Safe Feed/ Safe Food certified facility. Free of dioxins and heavy metals, MIN-AD has been listed by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) for use in the production of organic food since 2003.

Proven Performance

Research tested and field proven, MIN-AD is a highly bioavailable source of Ca and Mg that serves as an effective buffer and rumen microbial growth enhancer. Instrumental in managing acidosis and related complications, MIN-AD improves transition and milk production performance on dairies and average daily gain and feed conversion on feedlots.

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